I’ve been gifted this journal titled “Alhamdulillah for series” by Zayeneesha Ayeina,founder of Ayeina.

This 47 page journal is a really  a mini journal.. something to ponder over everyday for a whole month.  There’s  so much we have to be grateful for,and InshaAllah with cute reminders  like these we will find an abundance to be grateful for.Little things that we take for granted.. bigger  things that we may overlook. This would  make an ideal coffee table book gift. A hard copy over an electronic  one anytime. . for me.. as there is space  for you to write down a few things you are  grateful for yourself.. Its a book you  could ponder over on your own,with your kids,or a group of friends.  Alhamdulillah for this inspirational  mini journal..


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